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For those of us who have been involved in audiovisual production, in one way or another, for a long time, it will always be a challenge to take an artist’s work and give it a twist. The official music video project for the song «Vete» by Ecuadorian singers «Las Lolas» was no exception.

After a meeting with the video director Xavier Barona, the decision was made to recreate, through different accessories, 25 iconic women from history who would emphasize the lyrics of the song at specific moments in the video.

«A tribute to the brave women who have paved the way for who we are today.»_Las Lolas

Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Lady Diana, and others were some of the women who inspired the different accessories, including wigs, hats, and facial adornments, that the Ecuadorian musical duo, comprised of twin sisters María Fernanda and María Dolores Guevara, would wear.

The final result, after a month of work and a day of filming, was rewarding. The video successfully expresses, with powerful interpretation, the claim of having given one’s heart or life to someone who failed to appreciate it.

«Vete» expresses the anguish of the spirit and the body, which somehow finds ways to be reborn. Don Nadie reconstructs them with the nobility of the role through different iconic women from universal history.

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