“The Nopal” and the Mexican desert are the starting point to conceptualize the series of utilitarian objects “X&Y”. The strength, freedom, and majesty of this distant, rugged, and tradition-filled land inspired us to conceive these utensils that can turn home rituals into a memorable experience and remind us of the connection that exists between humans, nature, and beauty. The utilitarian objects “X&Y” capture in a design full of strength the multiple dimensions of freedom and authenticity.

The utilitarian objects that could be generated from the formal exploration of “X&Y” are conceived to enhance any sensory experience within the home. The COVID pandemic and the “new normal” have allowed many people to work from home and have more time to enjoy their lives inside their homes. Sitting down to enjoy prepared food, contemplating the light coming through the window, or wandering around the house is an opportunity to reimagine the home and everything that inhabits it.

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