Sweet Sunshine

Jessica Butrich (1985) was born and raised in Lima, Peru. From the beginning, she has been known for her unique style influenced by past aesthetics, exploring the use of retro, pop, and Latin elements. The Butrich brand evokes a feminine, daring, sophisticated, and timeless woman who knows how to have fun when it comes to dressing. Each shoe tells a story and becomes an object of sophisticated irreverence. Her designs coexist in a feminine and elegant universe, where retro influences, pop elements, and playful symbols converge, reflecting the brand’s unique spirit.


The shop window design created for the launch of the brand in Quito was inspired by the sweetness and fantasy of their new collection «Sweet Sunshine,» one of their collections launched internationally in 2022. It was a gratifying experience to collaborate with Butrich and The Designers Society. Sweet dreams are made of this!

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