SINESTESIA is a series of utilitarian objects that explore form as a virtual reflection of the reality that surrounds us. The forms come to life without permission and entertain the viewer’s sensory field. They recreate the space they occupy with their progressively overflowing image and constantly invite the viewer to complete the proposal with their gaze.

MELT Nº 22 is part of this series of utilitarian objects. A gradual journey of form and function.

MELT Nº22 incorporates simple shapes, short and thick components, smooth edges, and a clumsy and fluid appearance. Its aluminum structure, finished with urethane resin paint, can be supported on a variety of edges, giving it both decorative and functional use.


Serie: Sinestesia

Piece: Melt Nº22

Type: Art object | Bookcase

Dimensions: 54cm x 45cm x 11 cm (standard)

Materials: Aluminum

Thickness: 2 mm

Pigment: Yellow gradient with fluorescent pink / Suitable for high traffic areas

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