The design of the Pompons bench is inspired by digital art and video games. It is a playful and innovative approach to furniture design, using simple geometric shapes to create a dynamic and eye-catching form. The bench is made up of a series of colorful pompons, each one carefully crafted from soft and tactile materials, such as wool or felt. The pompons are arranged in a pattern that creates a three-dimensional effect, with each one overlapping and interacting with the others.

The result is a visually striking piece of furniture that brings a sense of fun and whimsy to any space. It is both functional and decorative, providing a comfortable seating option while also serving as a unique and playful design feature.

The use of soft materials and bold colors adds a tactile and sensory element to the design, making it a delight to touch and interact with. The Pompons bench is an example of how furniture design can draw inspiration from the digital world, bringing elements of virtual aesthetics into the real world. It shows how designers can use their creativity to create innovative and unexpected designs that challenge our perceptions of what furniture can be.

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